AMB Oils Universal UTTO 10w30

AMB Oils Universal UTTO SAE 10w30


AMB Oils Universal UTTO SAE 10w30 is a special oil, combined transmission and hydraulic oil on the basis of solvent refined base oil. Additives ensure troubles free operation of all aggregates at any season. AMB Oils Universal UTTO SAE 10w30 is tractors and construction with common oil circuit of transmission, final drives and hydraulic systems.




AMB Oils Universal UTTO SAE 10w30 is suitable for wet brakes in particular with asbestos-free brakes pads and load clutches PTO’s set of load changes coupling and minor drives.


Performance level:



SAE 80W / SAE 10W-30



Case MS 1206 / Case MS 1207

Case New Holland MAT 3505 (MS1209)

MAT 3525

Deutz-Fahr, Kubota

Ford New Holand M2C 134D (A,B,C)

Ford ESN-M2C86-B, ESN-M2C86-C

John Deere JDM J20C; Komatsu

Massey Ferguson MF CMS M 1135 / M1141 / M1143

ZF TE-ML 03E, 05F, 17E

Allison C4

Caterpillar TO-2

Sperry Vickers / Eaton I-280-S



Technical Characteristics


Low temperature fluidity provides effective lubrication,

Excellent anti-wear and high pressure properties,

Optimize clutch performance and ensure noise free operation of wet brakes,

Multipurpose capabilities reduce maintenance costs,

Good compatibility with sealing materials,

Very good protection against oxidation.

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