AMB Oils TR-I 090-00

AMB Oils TR-I 090-00



AMB Oils TR-I is inhibited transformer insulating oil produced from high quality hydro-cracked base oil with very good electro-insulating properties. It contains an effective oxidation inhibitors. Oil can be mixed with inhibited insulating oils from all renowend producers.




AMB Oils TR-I is designed as an insulating and cooling fluid for all-voltage transformers including high voltage equipment and overload equipment. Also can be used for switches, conectors, power capacitators and other electric devices.


Meets following requirements:


IEC 60296



Technical Characteristics


Low pour point,

Outstanding electro-insulating properties,

Outstanding oxidation stability,

Extended service life(sludge is only released only after 1500 hours)

AMB Oils TR-I 090-00