AMB Oils Platinum C2 SAE 0w30

AMB Oils Platinum C2 SAE 0w30 is high performance, fully synthetic, low friction, multi-grade engine oil for all petrol and diesel passenger cars with and without turbo charger. AMB Oils Platinum C2 SAE 0w30 has been blended with carefully selected and advanced additives to obtain best possible properties of the engine oil. LOW SAPS formula ensure long life of diesel particulate filter (DPF).



AMB Oils Platinum C2 SAE 0w30 is suitable for the energy saving operation all the year of all modern cars and vans with petrol and diesel engines.


Eceeds the following properties:

PSA B71 2313


Technical Characteristics:

Excellent cold starting performance even at low temperatures of below -45°C,
LOW SAPS technology,
Excellent viscosity characteristics and shear stability,
Fuel savings under all operating conditions,
Very good detergent and dispersant characteristics,
High and stable viscosity index,
Neutral against sealing materials,
Low evaporation tendency, thereby lower oil consumption,
Perfect protection against wear, corrosion and foaming,
Suitable for catalysts and DPF‘s,
Extended oil change intervals to protect natural resources.