AMB Oils GreenCargo SAE 5w30

AMB Oils GreenCargo SAE 5W30 is fully-synthetic, fuel saving, low-ash motor oil for heavy good vehicles based on latest additives technology( Low SAPS- reduced sulfated ash, low phosphorus and sulphur content) with highest quality base oil. Cold viscosity SAE 5W ensure reliable cold starting in extreme temperatures and quickest possible care.  AMB Oils GreenCargo SAE 5W30 is high performance motor oil for commercial vehicles, excellent for use in Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6  engines with or without particulate filters and catalytic converter in conjunction with low-sulphur diesel fuels.




AMB GreenCargo SAE 5w30 is all seasons oil for Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 standarts.


Performance level:


ACEA E6 / E7 / E9


MB 228.31 / 228.51

MAN M 3677

MAN M 3477 / MAN M 3271-1

Volvo VDS-4 / VDS-3

Mack EO-O Premium Plus / EO-N

Renault VI RLD-3/RLD-2

MTU Type 3.1

Renault VI RXD / RGD

Mack EO-M Plus

Cummins CES 20081




Technical Characteristics


Excellent viscosity characteristics and shear stability,

Low ash, sulphur and phosphorus ”Low SAPS”,

Fuel savings under all operating conditions,

Very good detergent and dispersant characteristics,

Extensive protection against wear, corrosion and foaming,

Excellent cold start properties,

Suitable for catalysts,

Extended oil change intervals to protect natural resources.

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