AMB Oils Gear Fluid VI

AMB Oils Gear Fluid VI


AMB Gear Fluid VI is high quality, fully synthetic, automatic transmissions, torque convertors and power steering of passenger car, light vans and commercial vehicles where a GM Dexron VI specification is required. AMB Gear Fluid VI is combined with special additives ensure trouble free gear changes.




AMB Gear Fluid VI is compatible to use with Dexron III and Dexron II. Automatic gearboxes, hydrostatic drives and power steering units.


Performance level:


GM Dexron VI

Voith 55.6335.3X (G607)


Technical Characteristics


Stable viscosity-temperature index,

Very high viscosity index,

Protection against corrosion, sludge and sticking,

Free of foam even under hardest loads,

Coordinated friction properties,

No problems concerning very low respectively very high temperatures,

An excellent high thermal capacity,

Mixable and compatible with all kinds of ATF,

Neutral behaviour against sealing materials.

AMB Oils Gear Fluid VI 3740-00