AMB Oils CargoExtra SAE 10w40

AMB Oils LongLife Cargo SAE 10w40


AMB Oils LongLife Cargo SAE 10W40 is top quality “Low SAPS” diesel engine oil based on the latest additive technology combined with very special base oil. AMB Oils LongLife Cargo SAE 10W40 is mainly developed for heavy diesel engines even under toughest operation conditions and all year around.




AMB Oils LongLife Cargo SAE 10w40 is all seasons motor oil for Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines.


Performance level:


ACEA E4 / E6 / E7 / E9


Volvo VDS-4

Renault VI RLD-3

MB 228.31 / MB 228.51 / 235.28

MAN M3477 / M 3575 / M 3271-1

MTU Typ 3.1 / 2.1

Mack EO-O Premium Plus


Cummins CES 20081

Detroit Diesel 93K218


Scania Low Ash

Renault VI RLD-2

Mack EO-N Premium Plus

Voith Class B


Technical Characteristics


Excellent viscosity characteristics and shear stability,

Fuel savings under all operating conditions,

Very good detergent and dispersant characteristics,

Extensive protection against wear, corrosion and foaming,

Excellent cold start properties,

Suitable for diesel with DPF.

Extended oil change intervals to protect natural resources.

AMB Oils Long Life Cargo SAE 10w40 2999-00