AMB Oils 4T Racing SAE 10w60

AMB Oils 4T Racing SAE 10w60 is a new generation, high-performance, fully synthetic engine oil for four-stroke motorbikes based on fully synthetic base oil, high quality additives and special ESTERS formula. AMB Oils 4T Racing SAE 10w60 has high and stable viscosity index to ensure best possible lubrication at any working conditions and improves protection of the engines, gearboxes and wet clutches.




AMB Oils 4T Racing SAE 10w60 is specialy developed for four-stroke motorbikes lubrication where specification SAE 10w60 is required. AMB Oils 4T Racing SAE 10w60 is tried and tested with most popular and modern European and Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. Suitable for use in all air-cooled/liquid-cooled 4 stroke engines with wet and dry clutches.


Performance Level






Technical Characteristics


Maximum engine performance,

Outstanding perfoamnce at extreme temperaturs,

High corrosion protection,

High and stable viscosity index,

Very good protection against wearing and foaming,

Very good detergency and dispersion,

Very good cold start behaviour,

Outstanding engine cleanlines,

Low evaporation tendency.

AMB Oils 4T Racing SAE 10w60 4270-00